What Is HGH?

Numerous studies have already been done on HGH. This resulted to a great amount of varied pieces of information collected on the topic that needs further proof or study.

A number of this information turned out to be unfounded and might have even been colored by personal opinion.

However, there are good, relevant and informative articles on the subject of HGH that a person interested in naturally increasing the production of his growth hormones will definitely find helpful.

The Hormone

HGH is an acronym for the human growth hormone which is naturally found in any human being. Hormones are produced by an organ to direct another part of the body to react or do something.

The brain, specifically the anterior pituitary gland, produces these hormones which are released into the body.

HGH is a chemically complex hormone with 191 amino acids.

HGH affects several processes of the body. The most important use of this hormone is its role as a stimulant of growth, metabolism, repair of body tissues, and the regeneration of cells.

It also has a vital function in the immune system so it helps a person fight against disease.

Since it encourages metabolism, this hormone helps increase muscle mass while decreasing fatty deposits in the body. It also helps improve a person’s energy levels.

Since it stimulates regeneration and body tissue repair, HGH helps maintain a youthful glow by minimizing wrinkles, increases the speed by which the body repairs or heals itself and helps a person sleep better and longer.

HGH is also considered by some as Viagra’s natural counterpart for this hormone results to increased energy levels in all types of activities.

HGH Supplements

Supplements for the human growth hormone or HGH are taken primarily to increase the hormones released by the body.

There are two types  based on their action.

The first type  is categorized as synthetic HGH. This works by Injecting HGH in the human body,  therefore increasing HGH levels.

The synthetic HGH is in my opinion dangerous and has way to many side effects which outweigh the benefits.

The second type is called HGH releasers. This  is composed of herbs and natural ingredients made available to the body so it has what it needs to manufacture more of the natural growth hormone. It makes your own body make more of its own HGH.

This is a much safer and more effective alternative with no side effects what so ever.

Based on effectiveness of HGH supplements, ingredients common across several brands have been identified and are understood to be what makes the supplement work. Visit my top recommeded HGH products page for more Info