HGH Deficiency & Treatment

Every animal in the world has growth hormones.

Humans have the most pronounced and complex growth hormones.

The growth hormones are also the most consequential and most varied in humans.

What is Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone, also known as just growth hormone or HGH, is a peptide hormone that is tasked with stimulating cellular growth and reproduction, cellular regeneration and hence the development of the musculoskeletal structure.

Human growth hormone is rarely deemed significant unless someone suffers from a deficiency of the same.

It is fair to infer that human growth hormone is quintessential in the normal and optimum growth of the human body, including its physical and to an extent the cognitive abilities.

What is Human Growth Hormone Deficiency?

Human growth hormone deficiency, also known as growth hormone deficiency and HGH deficiency, is a condition wherein the pituitary gland doesn’t secrete enough growth hormones

. In such conditions, there are severe consequences.

For instance, kids having growth hormone deficiency will not grow as a normal child should. While kids are more likely to be diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency, adults too can have the problem.

However, the problem emerges or gets identified during the growing up years. Kids having growth hormone deficiency may develop a tendency to creep.

They would move slowly, would rather stay close to the ground and would find it difficult to stay strong. They may even crawl.

In less serious cases, kids who have had growth hormone deficiency may have problems with sexual development.

Growth hormone deficiency can be genetic, it could be a hormonal problem and it can also be caused due to damage to the pituitary gland.

Injuries and radiation treatment can impair the pituitary organ which will lead to growth hormone deficiency.

It is possible that growth hormone deficiency will not have any symptoms at its earliest stages. Symptoms may be overlooked in the first few years.

Over time, people with growth hormone deficiency will have reduced muscle mass. The bone density will be a concern. There would be hormonal imbalances and overall growth would be seriously impaired.

Human Growth Hormone Treatment

Growth hormone treatment is very common in livestock. Cattle and animals being raised for meat and other products are given doses of growth hormones for faster, better and stronger growth.

Most intensively bred animals or livestock today are treated with growth hormones. Among humans, the use of growth hormone dates back many decades. It used to be capsules but now there are growth hormone injections.

Over the years, it has been studied that capsules that are ingested don’t always have an optimum effect because the release of the hormones depends on the ability of the individual to break down the capsule and to extract the contents in the stomach leading to the absorption of the same in the body.

Hence, most doctors today recommend human growth hormone injections.

In addition to treating human growth hormone deficiency, the injections or any HGH supplements can also remedy muscular problems that people suffering from HIV or AIDs would develop.