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What You Need To Know…

Recently I have started getting numerous questions about HGH from people of all ages.

One reason for this could be the various benefits being offered by HGH, the principal being the reversal of aging itself.

Other claims include its ability to improve your metabolism, Increase height or develop muscle mass.

But before, let me share some advice

As far as matters of health are concerned getting into something without proper prior research could backfire with severe consequences.

Avoid falling for the lies that companies put before you, for they will try to cover up the cons and exaggerate the benefits to sell their products.

That is why it is important to get into something only after researching about it first. This is also because companies create certain hype about their own products to sell them to prospective consumers and in doing that, they always pose their products as best.

These products if consumed without proper research can create health hazards. My endeavor, through these articles, is to save you the trouble, effort, and money by letting you see the results of my intensive research on Human Growth Hormones.

My research will help you see the facts, as they are and assist you to make informed decisions about the product that you are interested in.

So, what is exactly Human Growth Hormone?

Having said that, lets first see what HGH actually is. HGH is an abbreviation for Human Growth Hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. This hormone stimulates growth and cell production in human beings.

How does Human Growth Hormone help age reversal?

The decrease in the levels of Human Growth Hormone is due to ageing. This basically causes us to look old, have problems like diabetes, depression, loss of energy, loss of muscle mass and every other problem associated with ageing.

So perhaps you might assume that by increasing HGH levels in the body, it will make you look young and feel healthier. If we go by the theory on which HGH works, HGH IS THE miracle that brings back your youth?

HGH is in fact the fountain of youth that we humans were waiting for, for thousands of years if and only if used after extensive market research.

Just imagine, all the wrinkles gone and the spring is back in your step, not to mention the slim body, and the exuberance of mind.

You can find a lot of options in the market today to induce HGH into your body. There are the HGH injections, oral sprays, natural supplements, that claim to increase the Human Growth Hormone levels in your body.

For your convenience, I have individually explained below how each of the methods of inducing HGH in your body works.



Natural HGH Releasers is obviously a far better alternative than artificially produced synthetic HGH. These are highly popular and seem to work better than others. There is no need of a prescription and no side effects have been seen yet.

But one needs to avoid falling for the lies that some companies put before you, for they will try to cover up the cons and exaggerate the benefits to sell their products.

Is it wise to risk and compromise your own health for these lies?

NO obviously

Not all HGH products are created equally. And neither are all of the companies producing them.

The rising demand for HGH supplements has brought some dodgy manufacturers out of the woodwork, making and selling inferior HGH products. These products do not promote the benefits that a high-quality HGH supplement does.

When you do find an HGH supplement that works, you will experience boost energy levels; a more youthful appealing, smoother from stemming, healthier looking skin; a more intense sex drive; a more robust immune system, and the ability to lose that stubborn fat faster.


As previously noted, there are many inferior products on the market; some of them merely ineffective — but some dangerous as they can lead to significant unwanted side-effects. Hence, you must be careful and prudent as you choose an HGH supplement.

So just how do you find the best HGH supplement?

To answer this meaningful question, we conducted a multi-stage research project, gathering information from suppliers and users of HGH.

Before conducting my extensive research, I developed a stringent set of criteria against which I would rate HGH supplements on the market.

In the end, there were three products that clearly rose to the top of the list.

My extensive research project revealed three HGH supplements that outperformed all others included in the study. They are listed below, along with the specific characteristics that pushed them to the top of the list.

The Best HGH Products This Year Are:


GenF20 Plus


Made in an FDA and GPA certified laboratory, GenF20 Plus is a popular HGH supplement being used by millions of people.

If we have to choose just one, this would be it.

The success rate is amazingly high in comparison with the other HGH products.

It has also shown amazing results.

The first changes users experience are wrinkle reduction, weight reduction, increased muscle strength and a general feeling of well-being and high levels of energy.

The company offers a 67-day money back guarantee making this purchase completely risk-free.



GenFX is the second in our list of recommended HGH supplements.

This is an anti-aging product with many fans.

The proven results include a reduction in weight, muscle gain and optimized brain function.

It contains several authentic natural herbs, and together, they form a highly potent and result-oriented combination.

Users have expressed their satisfaction with the results. Many users said their energy levels have never been better.


HyperGH 14X


The third on our list is a product called HyperGH14X, which has an estimated 85% success rate.

This is a new product that has been very successful.

HyperGH 14X has HGH growth factors and HGH amino acid releasers.





Research studies we based on user experience and our research.

The product quality, ingredients, user reviews are the main criteria. This is followed by the manufacturer, manufacturing process, compliance to a regulatory body and customer support.

The first thing we always concentrate on is the quality of the product itself, what goes into the product and what users experience by using the product.

This information gives us everything we need to know. We get to know how it works on the body, the results it offers, and the side effects and risks if any.

Once this is taken care of, the shortlisted products go through yet another round of research, where we find out all we can about the manufacturer.

There is some truth in the saying – “A product is only as good as its creator.”

Our reasons for choosing GenF20 Plus and GenFx

GenF20 Plus and GenFX, both HGH products use 100% natural ingredients. We’re not going by labels here. Our lab tests revealed no traces of chemicals in these products.

Millions of users, who have used these products for different durations, successfully boosted their HGH levels and suffered no untoward symptoms.

This assures us that these two best HGH supplements are effective and safe.

GenF20 & FDA certification

It definitely feels comfortable using a product from a lab authorized by FDA, and FDA has known for its strict standards. On the other hand, HGH Energizer is made in GMP accredited labs, which are pharmaceutical quality labs of a high standard.

When I contacted various companies producing various products, during my routine research on HGH, I was impressed by the professional replies I got to all my questions. No vague answers here.

Both have been commendable in being very open about the herbs used in these products and did not have a problem if we wished to get things checked out.

Both the labs are trusted sources when it comes to medical and health products.

Responsible manufacturers behind GenF20 Plus and GenFX

It is obvious that only someone who feels responsible towards their customers can create products of quality.

That’s also the reason these two companies have great customer support and are always available to answer any questions. The fact is, they are good and they know it. They have nothing to hide.

Both the HGH supplements have money-back guarantees. GenF20 Plus comes with a 67-day guarantee, while GenFX has a 60-day guarantee.

You can use any of these products risk-free. You order the product, use it, keep it if you see results or return it if you don’t like the product. As simple as that!

What makes GenF20 Plus #1 and GenFX #2 in ranking?

GenF20 Plus and GenFX, both use natural ingredients with no synthetic chemicals Both show results with no side-effects. That makes them equal.

I had to give GenF20 Plus first place based on user feedback, time to show results, staff support, and the price. Out of the two GenF20 Plus won by a small margin.

GenFX takes a little longer to show results. 

Our Verdict:

Use GenF20 Plus or GenFX without any hesitation

With the amount of research that has been carried out, you can blindly trust these two products to bring about the desired results.

With both the HGH products, you will experience great results and experience the transformation your body undergoes.

You can visit www.GenF20Plus.com and www.GenFX.com before making a decision.

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Our research for good HGH products continues. We will keep bringing any new products that successfully make it to our “trusted” list. Bookmark this page for easy access.

We will keep bringing any new products that successfully make it to our “trusted” list. Bookmark this page for easy access.